kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst=art and rasen=speeding in German, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production.

kunstrasen’s artwork makes comments which question everyone’s relationship to art, especially within urban and street art genres and is also referring to society in general and our role in it.

"Drip Remover" 2019

Born  in 1979 and growing up in the countryside in the south-west of Germany the desire for something else grew faster than kunstrasen did.

After finishing school kunstrasen moved to Canada and university in the UK followed. Studies & work in design did let grow the urge for something else again so the long time hobby of stencilism became profession.

After life taking several twists and turns kunstrasen is now back in the the area where he grew up and doing his art which probably is what he has been looking for in the first place.



Always best to follow the work progress on the social networks of Instagram and Facebook but there is always an insight given on here as well.

On the page 'Work' you'll have an insight into a selection of works from the past few years. The page will be complemented with further works from the past and current works over the time. So it will be forth checking back from time to time.



Please find detailed info of past shows in

my biography. On the right hand side you will find info on current and upcoming shows and releases.

Solo Show with Excusive Urban Art in Rome

March 2023

A solo show with new images is coming in March 2023 with Exclusive Urban Art in Rome. Besides new works on canvas plenty of mini canvases will be available as well. Further infor to follow.


Release of "Art Rode²" with 1 Drop Gallery on June 7th

June 2023

On Wednesday June 7th there will be a release of the popular "Art Rodeo²" image on 30x30cm deep edge canvas. The release will take place at 12pm EST, that's 18:00 CEST or 5pm UK. The works will be available online through the gallery's website


Solo Show with Krause Gallery in New York

October 2023

To close the celebrations of 10 years of kunstrasen there will be another show of highlights from past and present. All unique works will be on cardboard from mini to big format. Further info to follow.